The latest hot abc news

Two prominent and very well-regarded mathematicians have isolated a specific and serious error in Mochizuki’s proof of the abc conjecture. They are preparing a detailed writeup explaining the issue, which should be available publicly in the next month(s).

(I heard this from good friend X, who heard it directly from one of the two people involved.)

Whether or not their writeup is widely read, I am certain that for most in the community, the verdict of these two persons will instantly settle the matter.

3 thoughts on “The latest hot abc news”

  1. Will Mochizuki be informed informally before publication? Will he have the chance to answer before? Whats the custom in the field?


  2. Interesting. Curious to see if they will have kind words or not, and indicate which new ideas, if any, are interesting and not problematic. It’d be a little sad if nothing can be salvaged, but let’s see.


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